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Process/process engineer Number of recruiters:certain quantity
  • Post responsibilities
    1. Maintenance related businesses of MEMS wafer foundry;
    2. The yield of MEMS wafer CP was improved;
    3. Analysis and improvement of abnormal wafer of MEMS products;
    4. Process optimization of MEMS wafer foundry;
    5. Improve the wafer quality of MEMS products;
    6. Wafer cost optimization of MEMS products;
  • Qualifications
    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in microelectronics, materials, physics, chemistry, etc;
    2. More than three years of relevant work experience;
    3. Be familiar with the manufacturing process, process principle and flow of semiconductor integrated circuits, complete various process commissioning, and handle process abnormalities.
Algorithm engineer Number of recruiters:certain quantity
  • Post responsibilities
    1. MEMS sensor algorithm model establishment and simulation;
    2. Optimization of MEMS inertial sensor fusion algorithm;
    3. Indoor navigation technology algorithm fusion and optimization in mobile applications;
    4. Inertial navigation algorithm development;
    5. Assist customers in solving problems arising from the use of acceleration sensors and geomagnetic sensors, and provide timely and effective support;
    6. Be responsible for applying acceleration sensor and geomagnetic sensor to Android platform, and completing the migration of sensor driver layer, HAL layer, algorithm and other relevant codes;
  • Qualifications
    1. Major in electronics, signal processing, automation control, applied mathematics, applied physics, etc., with good mathematical foundation, and algorithm work experience is preferred;
    2. Have scientific research or project experience in inertial device compensation algorithm, navigation algorithm, Kalman filtering algorithm, etc., and researchers related to MEMS sensors are preferred;
    3. Have deep experience in digital signal processing, and be familiar with basic multivariate control theory and algorithm;