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Suzhou Minghua won the honor of "Best MEMS Sensor" of the 2020 China IC Design Achievement Award
Release time:2020-06-29 Number of views:463

On June 28, 2020, ASPENCORE, a leading media group in the field of global electronic technology, held the "2020 China IC Leadership Summit and China IC Design Achievement Award Award Ceremony" at the Renaissance Hotel in Shanghai. Suzhou Mingyi Sensor Technology Co., Ltd., with its highly reliable products, excellent market reputation and high-quality technical support services, has won the "Best MEMS Sensor" award for force sensor df220.

The force sensor df220 is a digital output force sensor independently developed by Minghua. It is also the first digital output force sensor on the market at present. It is compact, only 2 x 2mm, with a measuring range of 0-10 Newton, and a resolution of more than 4000 levels. This product can be widely used in pressure accelerator, TWS headset, mobile phone, capacitive pen, home appliance button and other scenarios.

The China IC Design Achievement Award is jointly sponsored by ASPENCORE's influential media "Electronic Engineering Album", "Electronic Technology Design" and "International Electronic Business Information". It is aimed at the annual industry survey of China's IC design companies and the selection and recognition of excellent IC design companies, semiconductor front-end manufacturing, EDA tools and IP service companies that provide high-quality services for the IC design industry. The selection of the China IC Design Achievement Award has been successfully held for 19 times. It has accompanied and witnessed the growth and development of the IC industry along the way. It is one of the most important technical awards in the Chinese electronics industry and can be called the highest honor in the Chinese IC industry.