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Ming Ming Sensor won the 2019 IOT Star key field award
Release time:2020-03-02 Number of views:486
Recently, the "2019 IOT Star China IOT Industry Annual Selection" sponsored by IOT Media came to an end, and Minglin Sensor won the "2019 China's Most Influential IOT Sensor Enterprise".
This competition, sponsored by the leading professional media organization of the Internet of Things in China, "Internet of Things Media", is an annual selection activity that has attracted much attention in the field of the Internet of Things, and has been held for 12 times so far. The current IOT Star selection activity lasted for 4 months, attracting nearly 400 excellent enterprises in the whole industrial chain of the Internet of Things to participate in the selection, and more than 800 professional judges participated in the voting. The popularity warmed up to vote more than 500000 people, forming a wide influence in the IOT industry.
Mindray sensor, benefiting from the special MEMS design, can provide IoT users with extremely high product reliability. At the same time, our low-power configuration throughout the entire product line helps customers complete and realize the concept of Internet of Things in the practical application of Internet of Things products.
Such an honor at the beginning of the new year indicates that 2020 will be a prosperous year in the future. Thank you very much for the professional recognition of the industry. Minghua will live up to expectations and continue to win the support and trust of industry people and partners through solid technology, perfect service and continuous innovation drive.