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Suzhou Mingpeng Sensing Technology was awarded the top five MEMS enterprises in Chinese Mainland
Release time:2022-11-30 Number of views:490

Recently, our company was honored as one of the top five MEMS enterprises in Chinese Mainland at the 2016 China Semiconductor Market Annual Conference and the 5th China Integrated Circuit Industry Innovation Conference held in Beijing Yizhuang Development Zone, among which the top five MEMS enterprises in Chinese Mainland are Raytheon Acoustics Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Goer Acoustics Co., Ltd., Meixin Semiconductor (Wuxi) Co., Ltd Shendi Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Mingyi Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. It is understood that the list comprehensively considers the sales volume, market share, industrial status and other factors of China's MEMS enterprises, and is selected by the MEMS Branch of China Semiconductor Industry Association.
On the same day, the conference also unveiled the list of "China's top ten integrated circuit design enterprises in 2016", "China's top ten semiconductor manufacturing enterprises in 2016" and "China's top ten semiconductor packaging and testing enterprises in 2016". The theme of this annual market conference is "building an innovative development pattern and seeking leapfrog development in the 13th Five Year Plan", and the theme is "Made in China 2025 to promote the semiconductor industry to achieve leapfrog development" and "Internet plus to create new opportunities for smart chip market". It is hosted by China Semiconductor Industry Association and China Electronics Information Industry Development Research Institute (CCID Group), undertaken by CCID Consultants and Beijing Semiconductor Industry Association, attracting the industry, research institutes Many authorities and professionals including well-known investment institutions.