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Application in consumer products
  • Mobile phones and IPAD

  • Sporting facilities

  • Remote control

  • Notebook and Ultrabook

Mobile phones and tablets, as the most widely used electronic devices, are also the largest carriers of all kinds of sensors. The application of various sensors on mobile phones makes mobile phones not only simple communication devices. Powerful mobile apps also need sensors as the basis for implementation. Inertial sensors play an irreplaceable role in body games, device orientation, wake-up function, knock detection, health management, mobile navigation, etc.

With the popularity of PS3, XBOX and other game devices, the handle or VR collects real-time speed data and motion capture of users through intelligent sensors as in-game data. Bring surreal game experience to players.

The remote control with sensor can provide intelligent pointing and game experience, in which positive and negative recognition and knock wake-up bring more superior product performance.

Through the free fall acceleration detection of the sensor, the hard disk in notebooks and ultrabooks are written protected before being damaged by collision and falling.